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This is where I post my Posts!

When I have something to say- whether or not of dubious value- I'll post it here. These posts will of course accumulate, so at some point I plan to use links at the top to provide quickie links to the posts. I may even at some point group them by month.

Since I haven't much time left this year, I may even organize things by year. We'll see as things progress. I do plan to have all discussions originate on Facebook. I think that website is more given to people talking amongst themselves, while this site is more of an information portal from me to you. I really would like to harness the power of Facebook for this purpose. I already have a Seabrass Productions facebook page. Just have to redesign it to match this new site, and hope I can figure out how to link directly to certain posts rather than just the Facebook page. Ultimately, I would like a reader here jump to a Facebook discussion of weeks or months (or even years) old with a single click. We'll see how that dream pans out.

Anyway, as I make new posts, this page will grow and grow. While I don't expect everything to end up here, I do think this will be one of the central hubs on my new site.