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Hello, and welcome to my site!

My name is Charles Brass. I am an author with some very hopeful ambitions. I write science-fiction and fantasy, with some horror mixed in now and then. My works vary in length from flash fiction to novel-length manuscripts. Once I get this website up and running, my goal is to sell any short work that I can before trying my hand at getting an agent and my first novel published.

While I have had works published, that publisher has since gone out of business. And those works were published in return for my creating and maintaining the publisher's website. So my works haven't really been vetted, I would say. Time now to step up to the plate and swing away.

Right now, my current work-in-progress is at the beta reader stage. I have two beta readers giving the latest revision a read. Just waiting on them to finish and render their opinions. This will actually be the first time the story has been read in its entirety by someone other than me. I am confident in the integrity of the story. I just don't know how it will resonate with these first reader. Needless to say, I'm pretty... anxious.

In the meantime I have started work on two stories: one is another novel-length science-fiction tale, the other a shorter work involving the main character from my current WIP. (This latter one is written mainly for fun and I don't think I'll aim it toward publication. It'll serve maybe more as a reward for people who sign up to my mailing list.)

As I post new items on the site, this home page is where I'll link to them. All new stuff will be linked here. In time I'll have a variety of things. We'll have to see how I'll keep all this organized. I hope carful planning from the start will help me help you find the things you want most to read.

Anyway, I live in Minnesota, where in real life I work as a CT/MRI technologist at a small city hospital about thirty miles west of Minneapolis. It's good work, and my schedule affords me a lot of time off during the week, to do things like write and this website!

I hope to post new material on a weekly basis. If you look at the links to the left here, you'll see I hope to have a lot to offer. I plan to use Facebook as a place for interaction between me and my followers. I just have to hope Facebook links allow for anchors. (Something to research...)

Thank you!