NIT cover artA nit is a small, usually unimportant imperfection in something. As young author Gina soon discovers, finding and fixing a nit in a story can turn out to be nothing short of… maddening.

I wrote Nit at the end of 2012. It came to me all the sudden, like some of my short stories do, and all but demanded to be written. But I was finishing up the revisions and edits to Witchblood at the time. I really wanted to finish those, so I forced Nit to wait. It was an experience- I wrote Chainsaw while I was working on Witchblood because that story wanted to be written, too, and as I thought it was really cool, I went ahead. This time I forced myself to wait until Witchblood was thoroughly revised and off to my publisher.

As with Chainsaw I was very pleased with how the first draft of Nit came out. But it spooled out over 11,000 words! Yeesh! I cut out a lot of repetition, then my editor Erin Wilcox took a whack at it. Together we got it below 10,000 words. And in reading the latest version, I don’t think anything was lost. (Sometimes that worries me, that editing will eliminate some essential, maybe intangible,¬†element.)

The effort paid off! Nit was accepted for publication through TWB Press, as a short story in several various ebook formats, on March 29, 2013! My first short story to move down that road! Yay! Though I have had novels published, this will be a new experience for me, as previously I’ve done all the work. Now, I’ll just ship off the manuscript and someone else will stitch things together. I will be curious to see what cover design comes out of this. Speaking of which, the cover art is now available! Up there on the right! See it? Click it for a larger pic!

I plan on adding more as things develop, so stay tuned!


Nit advancing to publication!

It’s April 17th, and Nit is available for sale! It’s available at TWB Press in a variety of ebook formats. The site also has e-reader apps available for your PC, Mac, and devices! Also, it will be available in Kindle format at, and Nook format at Barnes & Noble. The links are now in place. Grab your copy and enjoy!

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