Terrorcruise cover art

A science-fiction action-adventure novel by Charles Brass

Published March, 2011
by ClearView Press, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-935795-80-3 (softcover)
ISBN: 978-1-935795-81-0 (ebook)

Available in soft cover ($12.99) and Kindle ($3.99)

TERRORCRUISE (ter-ror-crüz) human/common; slang || derivative

|:n (1) the hijacking of a cruiser or freighter, predominantly H-class in designation, while it is underway by a group or groups of terrorists for the primary purpose of causing fear and distrust of authority along (reputedly) secure starlanes of the Unity Sphere, with secondary gains of equipment, hostages in the forms of passengers and crews, and the entire starfaring vessel itself. (2) the hijacking of any cruiser or vessel, planet-bound or starfaring, while it is underway.
|:n When performing a terrorcruise, the lead terrorist usually smuggles his team aboard the target in cargo pods.
|:v (1) to hijack a cruiser or vessel, planet-bound or starfaring, while it is underway, with the intent of causing fear and distrust of authority.
see also: Black Diamond, Unity Sphere, Unity Fleet, terrorism

Click here for a list of vessels taken by terrorcruise, names of their passengers and crew, and cargo manifests.
Click here for a detailed account of the Black Diamond’s exploits as the only group to successfully perform a terrorcruise.

TERRORCRUISE is the story of one commando’s search for redemption by finding and destroying- no matter the costs- the terrorist who murdered his wife; one woman’s search for adventure that takes a terrifying turn; and one terrorist’s plan for revenge.

The Unity Sphere breathed a sigh of relief when the master terrorist Hetz and his organization, the Black Diamond, were destroyed in a surprise assault by the Unity Fleet. But Tac-team Captain Axel Fargo could never bring himself to believe the terrorist had really perished, despite the evidence. And two years later when he discovers a Krakker 303 buried in the sand near the victims of his tac-team’s latest assault and recognizes it as the weapon Hetz used to murder Axel’s beloved wife, he realizes the truth: that Hetz is indeed alive and resuming his efforts to destroy the Unity Sphere with his ultimate weapon: the terrorcruise.

Against the direct orders of his superiors, Axel races against time to first determine Hetz’s target, then position himself on board so that he might face one final time his nemesis, even if it means allowing the terrorcruise to succeed and the Unity Sphere to fall…


The author, Charles Brass, welcomes comments and critiques through reviews at amazon.com or by email at seabrass@seabrassproductions.com.

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