Monthly Archive: February 2014

Wow. Been a While…

Didn’t mean to be so neglectful.

Working on a new story. Not sure how long it’s going to run. Not even sure how I plan to end it. This was just something I started without any real plot or frame in mind. I did Earth Cell that way, way back when. Came out all right. Don’t expect this one to have that kind of splash, but it’s going.

It’s set in my Ux-Blood universe. Chronologically it comes before Earth Cell. Heck, it comes a couple of centuries before the Pheelm Chaos. I’m thinking it may even be the trigger for the Chaos. Not going to state that explicitly, but some of the characters will voice such fears, given the recent history with the Oladi and the Hendresi acquiring their anchor portals. Now, the Shiss are trying to lock down their own, so whatever problems have come before are going to get even worse. The main characters are Shiss and Pheelm. These are two races I mention a lot in the trilogy, so I thought it appropriate to give them air time.

The story is called A Ghastly Gillion Stars. I hope to have it done maybe by mid-March. I’m thinking it’s going to be novelette length. If it does turn into a novella, it’ll be at the very short end of that category. We’ll see. I just wonder how I’m going to finish it.