Monthly Archive: January 2014

CHAINSAW Now on Sale

Chainsaw cover artSo, I finally did it!

I went ahead and formatted Chainsaw, my science-fiction/horror novelette, for the Kindle and uploaded it. Even did cover art for it and everything! Yeah, I know!

If you hurry, it will be available for free at for the next five days. (I’m using my Kindle Select five days free advertising thing.) It starts tomorrow, Friday, the 24th of January, and runs through Tuesday the 28th. If you miss out it’s only $1.99. Either way, it’s well worth the price!

Designing the cover was fun, too!

So, there you have it. My first real full Kindle experience. And I am pleased to say it’s a great story. I think if you like Chainsaw, you’ll be back for more!

An UGH Kind of Day

Well, this wasn’t exactly the Sunday I had in mind.

Woke up around 10:30am with some rumbling in the stomach. That quickly degenerated into a squicky pain. Couldn’t find a comfortable position in bed, got hot, got cold, felt an urge to purge coming on. I’m sure my cat Pepper, who was lying in bed with me, didn’t much like all my squirming around. By noon, I was bent over the porcelain alter, mouth watering, sweat across my brow. Not looking forward to puking, mind you, but glad it’s coming finally, as based on previous experience a vast majority of my discomfort disappears with the purge. Eventually I gave a really good dry heave. “GRURK!” Nothing came up, it was just my stomach clenching. But oddly, I did feel a lot better.

Still unable to find a comfortable spot for some good recovery sleep. And this being Sunday, I had a twelve-hour shift beginning at 6:30pm to sleep for. Around 3:00pm I got out of bed and watched the Patriots fail in their latest bid to advance to the Super Bowl. (That’s twice now in two years they made it to the championship game and squigged.) I returned to bed around 3:30pm for another bout of restless sleep. I actually did konk out for a while, so it did me some good. Felt weak when I woke up for good near 5:30pm, but a hot shower really got me going. I was still weak in the tum-tum, and decided not to stop at Subway for my start-of-shift dinner. But I did stagger into work well enough.

I am at work now. Hit myself with a 32oz Coke on the way in for the fluids and caffeine. (Not good for me, I know, but I was way dehydrated after too many squirts.) I’ve since been sipping water after draining the Coke, and I ate some peanut butter and cheese crackers. And to be honest, I’m feeling pretty good, though I wouldn’t say I am fully recovered. I’m glad I didn’t call in sick. I knew once my stomach heaved everything out (even going through the process when there wasn’t anything in there to begin with helped) I’d slowly return to homeostasis. It’s quiet in the ED, and late-night in-patient exams are pretty rare, so I think things will work out. I’ll grab some sleep when I get home around 6:45am, and I think it’ll be pretty recuperative.

Still, what an UGH kind of day!

Trying Not to Think About It…

I’ve dedicated 2014 to writing shorter works. This has already paid off with the recent publication of my 28K word novella, Closure. When I first started writing I couldn’t write a short work (defined by me as something not novel-length, or below 65K words, more or less) to save my life. But as the novel-length manuscripts spilled out, shorter works of less than 7500 words just popped into my head. I began to write them out either between my longer works or even during my longer works, when I was between revisions. And to my surprise I’m satisfied with the vast majority of them. Then came a slew of novelette- and novella-length works. I have yet to sell a short work of 7500 words or less (my shortest sale is Nit and that’s at about 18K words), but I am sending them out and learning just how to structure them to make them marketable. (Building up rejections is just a rite of passage in this business.)

So this year is supposed to be all about works below 65K words. I have several in my mind right now that I really want to sit down and write. And re-write. Then re-write again. And I want to take the revision hammer hard to the short stuff I’ve already penned, and see if I can drum up some interest out there somewhere. I think a success with just one of those 7500-word stories would do me good in a huge way.

My problem is I just cannot stop thinking about my next novel-length manuscript.

I already have the title: Dew Drops. I have the main character’s name (Layq-Ellen, a Lady of the Leaves), a few other character names (Abbix, Sledg, Mawk, Brold), and a pretty basic plot outline. The stories behind the characters are coming into shape very well, providing me with a strong set of story-length arcs. The main character’s dilemma is also taking strong shape. The setting is generally already formed—just need to give places names and character. I’ve even narrowed down how the people in this fantasy story keep time to some degree of accuracy from town to town. I think this will be my strongest novel yet.

But I don’t want to think about Dew Drops. I don’t want Layq-Ellen’s story to keep me awake at night. I’d much rather dwell on the characters and plot behind a story that’s been brewing in my mind for a couple of days now. It’s set in the same world as my recent novella Closure and will let me explore a lot more about the overnormal abilities. It’s called Fracture and it might be about the same length as Closure. I think it would be a great story to try to have published this year.

So I’m really trying hard to not think about Dew Drops. But I think as any author will tell you, as soon as an idea takes hold, it can be very much like an incessant, demanding child: “Mommy… Mommy… Mommy… Mom… Mom… Mommy… Mom… Mom. Mommy. Mom. Mom. Mommy!” (Well, probably should be ‘Daddy” but you get the idea.) I forced myself to wait once when a short story took hold of me—during the finals revisions for Witchblood . So I know I can put an idea aside if I really want to. This one, though, really wants to be written. Right now.