Monthly Archive: November 2013

Not a Lot Happening…

So, it’s been a quiet few weeks through November. Still some things lingering in the to-do list.

I finished rewriting an old novelette. Turned it into a full-scale novella at 48K words. It’s in the hands of my publisher who published Nit earlier this year. Last I heard was he was loving it, but that was a while back. No telling how his opinion of the story has changed the deeper he got into it. I’m thinking it’s a good little story, but then I’m sort of biased. Anyway, not saying much about it at this point. If he does decide to move forward with the story, there’s lots of work to be done. But it could see the light of day before the end of the year.

Debating what to work on next. I have a few stories in the queue. Some short, others approaching novel length. Not sure I want to start a long one right now. I mean to spend 2014 on shorter works. I should keep to that.

One idea that has me thinking is a second story set in the little world I created for The Arch of Peresephalon. I recently re-wrote that to fix the main character’s motivation. I think it’s a much better story. In rewriting that one, an idea about a second story sort of gelled in my mind. It’s still a work in progress in my brain juices, but I think I got the most of it laid out rightfully enough. The title is something I need to figure out. I’m leaning toward The Grub God’s Mother, but that won’t immediately tie it in with The Arch. If I went with The Shadow Fields of Peresephalon, there’s an immediate connection, but I just feel something is lost. Maybe I’ll just have to write the damn thing before I see which one works best.

In the meantime I am doing some editing stuff for a friend. Not true editing- I would never boast to be an editor, or even a copy editor. I like to think that what I do helps prepare a manuscript for such work. Not doubt I make mistakes in my suggestions, but at the time they do sound like a legit fix. It’s all relative, thought. What I think is bad, another author may swear by it. Author’s prerogative and all that. Anyway, I’m just going through this friend’s manuscript and making suggestions. Using the Review feature in Word 2007. The Review feature is about the only good thing in Word. If WordPerfect ever got such a system, I’d never leave home.

Mostly a quiet November. I hope to have something new in December. Then a flurry of new works in 2014. Lord knows I got the ideas.


While I am in between works, with the latest revisions of Closure behind me, I decided to add some behind-the-scenes depth to the blog here.

The purpose of having a blog is to make it easier for people to find out more about my works, and perhaps entice them into making a purchase. (And maybe quite possibly getting a glowing review at!)

So one story at a time, I am adding some content to the site beneath the headers at the top of the page. First up is my debut novel, Terrorcruise. I dug through some very old files and pulled out some detailed character profiles I threw together a long time ago. These were for the original Terrorcruise website, which never got posted. But since digital files take up practically no space, I kept the HTML files around, pretty sure that one day I’d use them. That day has come.

Most of these character sketches will be new material. If you’ve read and enjoyed the novel, you may like these peeks into the character backgrounds- what led them to be where they are when the story takes place. If you’re new to the story and just poking around, I welcome you to get to know the cast of characters that populate my fast-paced adventure. I know I enjoyed writing them. Not sure if they were fully formed when I wrote my first draft oh so long ago. But they still fit the characters that fill the final version of my science-fiction action-adventure story.

Peruse at your leisure, and I hope you enjoy! As always, I welcome any and all comments.

So, Checking Back In…


I’ve been away for a few weeks. But I have not been idle. Lots done. All that work is perfect fodder for my little, unread blog.

First, Witch Warden: The Ux-Blood Trilogy, Book III is at the printer. I uploaded the finished files to my Dropbox, where my publisher moved them on to the book printer people. The next step is for me to get my hands on the author’s proof and to read through it, finding as many of the remaining nits as possible. I never get them all (found one in A Child of Byne already) but as with Witchblood: The Ux-Blood Trilogy, Book II I will really put in the effort. I think that book is pretty clean. So, the trilogy is done. Yay! Just need to update the book pages on my site here, and there I go. I plan to do this in November. Just pick a day and do it.

Second, A Child of Byne: An Ux-Blood Novella is uploaded and ready for sale at my publisher’s website, ClearView Press. I would welcome your taking a moment to look at the site, maybe even buy on of my books. (Or any book there if it piques your interest, and there’s a few now, covering a variety of interests.) I had a huge scare when the animated marquee on the home page suddenly stopped working. I had visions of the new HTML 5 causing issues, or some new browsers not working with the code. But I’d just made a simple typo in the code, which was powerful enough to throw pretty much the whole page out of whack. Me making a typo. Go figure. (In typing the previous two sentences, I made two typos.) While this little novella of mine should have been published earlier in the year- June or July or so- I am pleased to finally have it available. It’s also ready for you in Kindle format, too.

Third- and this is the big one- I just finished a 48K word novella. Closure is a completely revision of the smaller 17K word version I finished late last year. My editor, Erin Wilcox, said it lacked obstacles for the protagonist to get what he wanted to accomplish all done did up. So I added a slew of new characters and threw some humdingers of obstacles in his path. My world is a bit more fleshed out, the story builds to an intense climax, and in reading through it all last night, I have decided it is one of my better works. I think it just came out really well. Now, the fun begins. I’ll send it off to the publisher who worked with me on Nit (another fine short story of mine available on and other fine e-book outlets) and give him first crack at it. He didn’t like the initial version (and rightfully so) but maybe this second go-around will work for him. If not, I’ll send it out, see if I can find it a home. It would be nice to end the year with another project weaving its way through to publication. If anything I’ve written is worthy of it, Closure certainly sits at the top of the list.

The third reason has been why I’ve been neglecting my little blog. But since so few people read it, I figured I wouldn’t be disappointing too many. But with my latest in the bag, so to speak, I think I’ll have good time to drop posts in on a regular basis again. Until the writing bug takes hold once more and thrashes me around until I tap out that final closing period.