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Earth Cell’s tour enters its final days

Earth Cell cover artIt’s June 6th now, and Earth Cell: The Ux-Blood Trilogy, Book I has been on its book blog tour for nearly a month now. I’ve seen a small uptick in sales, and a few sales of the other two books in the trilogy. Oddly, no one’s picked up a copy of A Child of Byne. Puzzling, but there it is. I think that one has the most dramatic cover. I wonder if I need to put it back on Kindle Select for it to be seen as available. Maybe make it an Amazon exclusive.

As for the tour, the events are as follows:

A pretty fun character interview at The Book Daily. Another one, of a different character, at Cassidy Crimson’s Blog. Won’t tell you which characters get interviewed. And both interviews reveal a little bit of backstory for each character. They’re not long. you may want to check them out!

Some book excerpts at Hollow Readers, 365 Days of Reading, The Book Gazette, and The Reading Guru. I tried to pick some interesting moments in Earth Cell. One of them has a stupid typo, dammit.

I got a book review from Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock, an author interview at Books A to Z, and I dropped in a guest post at Endazzled Reading (there’s also an excerpt here, too). It’s about typos, oddly enough…

And that’s it so far.

On the schedule, there’s two more book excerpts, two more book reviews, and one final author interview. I will drop in those links as they become available. I also plan to make a page for this book blog tour, with all the links, for your convenience. (And mine, truth be told.)

One thing I’ve learned is future tours will focus more on book reviews and interviews. I’m not a fan of the excerpt. I’d prefer to be able to talk about my book through an interview, or have someone else talk about it through a review. I know reviews can be risky, but I’m confident in my writing and will to take that risk.

As usual, Earth Cell remains free in PDF format. Grab your copy here if you haven’t already!

Revisions mid-revision

Diving back into my latest work-in-progress is not going so well. I finished chapter three easily enough, but that had its own internal flow I found easy to slip back into post-vacation. That chapter possessed a particular ‘short story’ feel. I’m a whole 374 words into chapter four and already decided it’s poop. And in looking at the first 2300 words of chapter two, I see a whole lot of wholesale cutting in its immediate future.

The story itself is not the problem. I know what I want to say and how to get my characters through it all. With the first draft in hand, I’m on target, more or less.

The problem now is I need to change some of the technology being used in chapter two. I want to show how that technology permeates the Shiss society, and let the reader actually see it in use, to set up later terminology and use of said technology. As things stand, the current opening simply will not work. I have decided on the fix, but that will essentially demand a complete re-writing of those first 2300 words. There’s a good chance that word count will drop a bit with a tighter opening. Here’s hoping, anyway.

In chapter four, it’s time to lay the hammer down on the main character, Mother Kreek. She’s the one with the sense of unease, the worry at the back of her mind that the Pheelm are a bad influence for her people. That creeping dread is her motivation to do what she does for the remainder of the story. So it needs to be drawn out. Intensified. She’s already taking a huge risk communicating with a member of a race that openly defied the Pheelm. A huge risk. As is her merchant friend Pench. The letter from her Handresi friend had better well be worth it. (And spoiler: it is.) So the lame opening I’ve penned in those first 374 words is pretty much junk. I’d rather fix that now before digging myself a deeper hole for revision number three.

So, the plan now is to hop back to chapter two and extensively revise. I normally do not do such heavy revision during a heavy revision. This is a second draft that will have substantial changes from the first draft, which I wrote mostly on the fly, with no real planning. I sometimes do that, and it works well for the most part (Earth Cell and A Child of Byne are my two most-recent examples). With a first draft in hand giving me the story’s broad strokes, this second draft is my first chance to narrow down the focus, ratchet up the stakes, and make the consequences, good and bad, for all characters involved far more substantial. Seeing where the current revisions need revising is actually a good sign. It means I’m really buckling down and giving the more subtle elements of the story the deep consideration they deserve.

A Child of Byne cover artEarth Cell cover artWe’ll see in a few weeks how it all turns out.

PS- I jiggered the css for this theme to remove the underlining of links. I’m not a fan of that text decoration at all.

PPS- Earth Cell: The Ux-Blood Trilogy, Book I remains free in PDF format! Click HERE or on the book cover art over there!

So, Earth Cell’s book blog tour continues…

Earth Cell cover artEarth Cell: The Ux-Blood Trilogy, Book I has been getting the royal treatment for a couple of weeks now, and will for another couple. So far, there’s been only one review, and it was extremely positive (check it here at Bookish Madness). But I feel so damn embarrassed about the typos in the book blurb I provided. Pash instead of path? Male instead of make? Man! Shoot me. And there’s a typo in whoever typed up ‘Trilogy’ in the title. I’m pretty sure that’s not mine, as I would not have put ‘Book One’ in paraenthesis, or used ‘One’ in lieu of I.

There’s been one author interview, too. You can look at that here, at The Single Librarian. Another few interviews are coming.

Mostly it’s been excerpts. Here’s one at Deal Sharing Aunt. Here’s another at Bookaholic Ramblings.

Finally, I submitted a guest post at Editor Charlene.

In addition, each Friday I made Earth Cell free at in Kindle format. And you can still get a PDF copy free here.

So, Earth Cell is getting some much needed publicity. We’ll see if it slowly translates into sales for this book and the rest of the trilogy.


Getting Back to Work

So, the Florida trip has come and gone. All things considered, it went very well. My friend got his surgery, got a good follow-up visit a week later, and I had several good dinners with his mother, who also came along. My car especially did its job. 4500 miles. To Florida and back, with some driving up and down the Florida coast in between visiting friends. Had to get an oil change while down in Florida, but that was expected. For its fourth long trip, I’d have to give my 2011 Buick Lacrosse a thumbs-up. I don’t foresee another long drive in the near or medium-term future. Give the wheels an extended break.

With my return home comes my next big event. Earth Cell: The Ux-Blood Trilogy, Book I begins its book blog tour on May 12th. That’s this Monday. In preparation, I have read through the book again, corrected many of the additional typos I found, made some grammatical changes, and added a sneak peek of my next work, A Ghastly Gillion Stars, which I have mentioned a time or two on this blog o’ mine. More importantly, I plan to give away Earth Cell in pdf format for FREE! That’s right—I will give away Earth Cell for FREE! The whole novel! The idea is that readers will enjoy it so much, they’ll invest the paltry amount of dollars and cents it’ll take for them to enjoy the rest of the trilogy. That’s the hope, anyway.

I have also enrolled Earth Cell in Amazon’s Kindle Select and made the Kindle version available for FREE on Fridays for the four weeks of the tour. You can read both the pdf and Kindle versions on your Kindle. If you’re willing to wait, you can snag the Kindle version directly every Friday for four Fridays. Otherwise, the pdf version is available at any time for FREE!

Anyway, this will be my first book blog tour. I am curious as to how it’ll go. It runs from May 12th through June 12th. I plan to post here every time I experience an event. I anticipate those events to range from interviews to guest posts on other blogs to interviews with my characters from Earth Cell to other stuff. If everything goes swimmingly, I plan to repeat the process with my novella Closure. This supernatural thriller has garnered mostly positive reviews on I think it would do very well in a book tour on its own. And publicity like that would make my publisher, Terry Wright, very happy. Especially if the event generates a lot of sales. Which in the end is what this marketing part of the business is all about.