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Here I post information about my novels!

Right now there's not a lot here. But I do have at least four finished novels. I have to clean them up as bit, as they all still have the previous publisher's information, and said publisher has gone out of business. So I need to make them my own. A lot of work ahead in that regard.

One big things I'd like to do when I go through and revise each manuscript is to get the covers professionally done. I tried my hand at it the first go-around, and while I achieved some consistency across the four covers of my trilogy and novella, I think a professional would do a lot better job. Having four books needing covers would be easier for a professional, as the content is already there. The covers just need to be tweaked to reflect the material inside. Hopefully that all won;t cost so much.

For my current work-in-progress, In Possession of N-ergy, hopefully whoever picks the manuscript up will do the cover in a professional manner. Capture the essence of the story. I have enough of a hard time with that boiling the story down to the taglines. But I won't think about doing that until I have the final draft done did up. Still a lot of work left ahead.

Anyway, this page won't be updated all too often, for novels take time to develop and finalize. But when they do, this page will be a BIG focus for that.

I hope to post links to all my finished works at the top. It'll be a while before the first ones appear. But I'll let you know when they become available!