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This page is for my novellas!

While my site is new (or newly redesigned) I do have one novella to brag about. Closure is available in Kindle format and in softcover, both through

Closure is the story of Whicker Campbell's efforts to free himself from his mother's parasitic link to him. Still greiving over the death of her daughter, Whicker's sister, Bronshea Campbell is unable to let go of her pain. But in doing so, she is dragging her son, a necroti for the state, to his demise. He hatches a plan to free himself, though it comes with great risk, and forces him to violate every oath he's sworn to uphold. It involves a Hatcher Key (highly illegal to possess, much less use) and a dead nine-year-old girl...

Learn more on the official Closure page here at the site! Then hop over to and order your copy today! (Well, or tomorrow, if today's inconvenient. Or even next week, if that works better. Just get your damn copy!)

I will post more as I produce more novellas!