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Book Reviews

Now and then I'll read a book and feel like it deserves a review! I don't do these as often as I should; book reviews are like currency for authors. If you read something, you should let the author know, good or bad. I know I get tickled every time I receive a review.

So on this page, I intend to get into the habit of reviewing books I read. Some I will reward with praise. Others will get the stink-words. As an author myself, I can see now things the casual reader might miss; I intend to review the mechanics of the writing, too, as a result.

I plan to review both fiction and non-fiction. I've read a lot of both. Sometimes I even have one of each going at the same time. Thanks to my Kindle Fire 8 HD, it's easy to carry both and switch between the two. (The Kindle is such a sweet device!) This page ain't not got nothing right now, but going forward, I plan to drop a review at least once a month. Maybe even more often if I get the gumption to gob up some words.

I'll post notifications of reviews on the landing page, of course.