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My current Works In Progress

I actually have a few different projects going on. This page is dedicated to updates on those various projects. Right now, my attention is focused primarily on my current novel-in-progress, In Possession of N-ergy. It is a fantasy about a young woman who unknowingly becomes possessed by a devil, and the man hunting her down before she burns his city. It has been revised all the way to the beta reader stage. I have two beta readers giving it a look-over.

I am also working on the first draft of my next novel, Maiden. Years ago, I wrote a good chunk of the beginning, but put it aside. Now, I plan to get through at least a first draft and see how it all pans out. Like In Possession, this one seems to lend itself to future works. In addition, I have a mental outline for a short story in the same milieu. We'll see when I have the opportunity to scribble that one out.

I'm also working on a shorter work called Lake-Ellen at the Lakehouse. This one involves the main character of In Possession of N-ergy. I don't think I'll aim thos one toward publication, but we'll see. Right now I'm about eight short chapters in.

As the website becomes more solid, I'll post more information on each work and add links from this page. Don't know how often this page will get new material, but it certainly will be part of the whole. Lord knows authors just love to talk about their current works.


In Possession of N-ergy (coming soon)

Maiden (coming soon)

Lake-Ellen at the Lakehouse (coming soon)