Work continues on Witch Warden

Well, it’s Friday right now. I’m about to take my shower before heading off to work. Did a good three thousand words last night on my current work in progress, Witch Warden: The Ux-Blood Trilogy, Book III. Straightened out some small issues from the previous night’s work, then pushed on with new material. I have a general idea of where I want to go as I get into the chapter’s end. Just a matter now of throwing words out, then fixing them to mean what I want to say. (Of course, later my editor, Erin Wilcox, will suggest the words I actually meant to use so that I say what I actually meant to say. She’s tricky good that way.)

I should finish off chapter two this weekend, if not tonight. Then things get interesting. I know how I want the story to end. I know the things I want to include in the middle, to deepen the threat and develop Maels and his relationships with everyone involved. In my previous two books, chapter three has been where I introduce the main protagonist. It will be the same here- at some point Maels will run face-to-face with Copperfox, the female Kerrid trying to put the final pieces of the Raptori Wipe back together. Their conflict will center on Meneu’s activities, as she’s been assembling as detailed a history of the plague as she can, as a gift to her lifemate, Maels. Plus, she has the lattice she and Maels took from Cave Three in the first chapter, and Copperfox kinda wants that back. So, lots of material to put into place. Still not sure of the order of it all, but I think I’m taking it at just the right pace.

But, first order of business is to get out those final four or five thousand words of chapter two. Get this first draft down, then see where some fiddling is necessary. Some days the writing can be a chore. Tonight, I think I’ll blow through my goal of three thousand words in no time. It’s fun to destroy an overworld!

Success! NIT is accepted for publication!

I am very pleased to announce my 9700 word short story Nit has been accepted for publication by TWB Press. It will be published in a variety of ebook formats and sold at

The process has just begun. I still need to print and sign the contract, then scan it in and send it back. (Along the way I get to remind myself how to create a multipage PDF in CS5.) Then some other things, like a photo and author bio. But for the most part, it looks like this is a done deal! Nit will be available for sale!

This is a first for me. I don’t know how long things will take. I don’t know how the final product will look. I do know a rough calculation says I should get about a dollar every time a copy of Nit sells. I like the idea. The work of writing is done. Now I just got to market it, like I got to market everything else. If I get successful at that (a big if, considering) then who knows? I can start drilling down some bills! Yay!

Anyway, just felt I had to post. And it’s a fine post to start off the new month, I think! I sold a story! I fell so… legit!

So, regular updates haven’t been going too well…

I thought I would limit work on my site to my desktop at home. I didn’t even have the dashboard page loaded into my laptop’s Favorites. (Nor the password, when I finally did figure out the URL for the dashboard, which really bummed me!) But since I pretty much ignored the site for the month of March, and ended up with small bits of time where I could make quickie posts at work, I decided a change was in order.

So I am writing this from work. It’s just past midnight on April 1st. Happy New Month! (God, March took for-friggin’-ever to get through!) My goal now is to hit this at least twice a week, maybe Tuesdays and Fridays. Tuesdays might be tough, as I am usually off on Tuesdays. But I do intend to make the effort. I know Fridays at least are totally doable- I usually have nothing going on the last thirty minutes of my shift at work, and how long do I really need to post?

And at some point, I do intend to dress this site up. It’s rather plain, but that’s how I wanted to start, really. I watched some tutorials on WordPress at to get me started. Now I need to watch some over, then watch some new ones, to really dive in. This all may wait until I am done with my current novel, Witch Warden. I expect to have that out for sale in October, 2013, and then I may take a small break from writing. Working on this website will be a good way to fill that time. It’s just something I want to do, but there’s no priority. Just want to see if I can do it. I think so. And it will involve skills in other programs, like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver. So that’s always fun.

Anyway, with the new month come a new focus. Twice a week, at least, and more if stuff happens. Like today, when I think I’ll be posting not one but three new items! Go me!


It is 2046, and recent high school graduate Trent Waverly has a problem. A local mobster believes Trent stole some valuable data. Now, Trent’s only hope to live past noon is a dog named Chainsaw…

At 14,500 words, Chainsaw is a science-fiction/horror short story that some have described as an over-the-top very fun read. I am pleased to present the opening paragraphs:

“Trent! Dude! Wake up! We got a problem!”

Joey’s voice mixed with his frantic pounding on the front door of my Uncle Max’s bungalow. I jerked from a troubled sleep and dreams of a car pulling out in front of me as I raced down the street on my twelve-speed, too fast to stop in time with the brakes, hemmed in by cars on either side, unable to do anything but raise my hands, brace myself, wonder how the hell I was going to pay for all the medical bills—assuming I survived . . .

He sounded urgent, even through the multitude of doors and walls between his mouth and my ears. My uncle’s reply sounded equally strident from his bedroom down the hall, though I could tell he was still half-asleep.

“Whatha’ fuck? Whozzat banging on the fucking door!”

I managed to get out of bed and past his bedroom door before he jerked it open. By then, Joey had launched into another round of knocking.

“Trent! C’mon, man! Wake up!”

“I got it, I got it!” I said over my shoulder.

Joey’s pounding stopped when I unlatched the locks.

I swung the door wide, stood there in my T-shirt and skivvies. “What!”

Joey looked at me, then over my shoulder. “Sorry ’bout waking you, Mr. Waverly.” Then, eyes wide, he said, “Trent, dude, please tell me you didn’t fuck with that last data ring you delivered last night!”

Click here to go to the Chainsaw page!

Witch Warden Update

Well, I am about 7500 words into Witch Warden, the third book in my Ux-Blood trilogy. This first chapter is actually going very well. I am hitting all the points I wanted to make going along. I am particularly pleased about the potential for conflict I am incorporating into this first draft. I usually worry about emotional entanglements later, when I can better see the big picture. But right now, in the dialogue I am adding the importance of what’s not being said as well as what’s spoken out loud. I think it will set up the remaining chapters pretty well.

I plan to work on the cover soon. Just to throw ideas out. I need to work on the cover for A Child of Byne, my Ux-Blood novella due out in March, probably. Two covers! Yeesh! But at least they’ll have the same fonts and generally the same theme. The cover for the novella will be easier- providing I don’t have to do a back cover! Right now it’s only slated for ebook, particularly Kindle.

Anyway, I may include excerpts as this blog deepens. If anyone peeks in, they might find it interesting to see bits of a work in progress. I need to sit down and hit this regularly, though. So I may give myself days to do so. I am thinking Tuesdays and Fridays. And since today is Tuesday, there’s that done!

Beginning a new novel tonight…

It’s February 1st! Though I should have been working on it for a month now already, tonight at work I plan to begin the third novel in my Ux-Blood trilogy, Witch Warden. I’ve sketched out the story in my mind. Time to put it down in outline form, then write out the first thousand words or so. I would like to keep a schedule of abouot 3000 words a day, but I know that’s probably unrealistic. Still, I should have a finished first draft by the end of April. Three months is plenty of time, if I have a good roadmap. Because the plot for this one looks like it’ll be somewhat involved, an outline will be a good idea.

I’ll post soon to let you know how things are going. With my twelve hour shifts on the weekend, I feel pretty good come Monday I should be well on my way. I have two other big projects going on as well, and will have to devote time to them, too. Then there’s StarCraft- hard to stop playing for a couple of hours when the typing gets tiresome. But overall, I feel pretty good about getting into this one. Come October, when it’s out for sale, I can look back on these past three years with some amazement that I got them all done finally, and tell myself not to embark on another trilogy for a few years! I do have a pair of series planned, but I want to get out a few stand-alone novels beforehand, and maybe publish a couple of short story collections. I have enough of them now to make for a good collection or two, I think, though they all pretty much need some tweaking. But that’s for down the road.

Tonight, it’s all about Witch Warden.

Well, I’m going to give this more effort…

Witchblood cover artSo, it’s already the last Friday of January. I meant to have this site up and running a lot sooner- like, last year sometime. But, well, I kind of got distracted. Been writing and all that. Since I started tinkering here, I’ve finished a short story/novelette titled Nit. Right now, it’s a novelette. I hope to trim it to short story proportions, which usually run less than 10,000 words. (Even then, I think it’ll be a hard sell. But I’m not going to trim too much. The story has a voice I think I want to keep.) I’ve also finished a 70,000 novella titled A Child of Byne. The main character of this story is Maels Raptori, the star of my Ux-Blood Trilogy. It wasn’t meant to be so long. In the revision, I hope to trim it significantly. It’s also just an in-between story, to lead from Witchblood to the soon-to-be-written third novel, Witch Warden.

Anyway, I’m feeling the weight of needing a web site. I want a blog site as well, to invite commentary. Eventually I hope to have pages for all of my works, to explain things and add details and post… just stuff. I also want to post about my other hoped-for business, Medimations, LLC. That site will offer patient education animations. I have the first four planned, and from them I hope to springboard onto the next four, and so on. But that’s for ‘down the road’, whenever that gets here.

So I think I will be here a bit more often, trying to figure out how this all works. Now that I’ve updated everything, the next step will be to learn how to incorporate this into Dreamweaver and get it looking the way I want. I was following a series of tutorials on (I had a free month after buying something- I forget what, really, though I think it might have been a new Wacom large Intuos 4.) I bought an annual subscription to, for keeping up-to-date on Maya. I may pay for an annual subscription to as well. Between the two sites, I should be able to keep my rapidly diminishing skills in shape somewhat. Use it or lose it and all that. At the least, I should fully learn how to integrate WordPress with Dreamweaver. I mostly already know how, but I’d feel better having the tutorials close by, if you know what I mean.

Once I get this place looking snazzy, I’ll move on to my Facebook presence. Already have a page there, with a nifty graphic I threw together in Maya. I hope to get the two looking about the same, for consistency. Shouldn’t be hard, but as usual it portends to be a lot of work. Creative work, which I enjoy, but work nonetheless. Then there’s a Twitter thing I suppose I should do, too…

Well, I’ve updated the site. WordPress and all the plug-ins and themes. Now comes the real work. I plan to add posts, update works in progress, and make pages as the days and weeks go by. I don’t expect a following of any sorts. Just knowing I’m ‘out there’ will be good enough for me for now.

Now it’s bedtime.