Chainsaw_cover_tmbChainsaw is a 14K word science-fiction/horror short story, with an ending that has to be read to be believed! I wrote it in September, 2012, when I had Witchblood pretty much in the bag. (I think I was still putting the cover together by then, but the manuscript was a done deal.) The idea came to me pretty much in one fell swoop, just popping into my mind. I added to that central idea as I wrote it out over four days, adding stuff that I think rounds the story out rather well.

Efforts to sell it have fallen short so far. One publisher said it was a cute story, but not science-fiction enough to be sci-fi, and not horror enough to be horror. Well, okay, I can understand that, as it is light on both sci-fi and horror. I do consider Chainsaw to be sci-fi/horror, but not really strong in either. One plot element is a foolproof lie detector, which is why I consider it sci-fi. As for the horror element, I won’t say, so as not to ruin anything.

As of March 31, 2013, Chainsaw and another of my short works, Special, are at an online story place called Glimmer Train. I entered them in individual short story contests. I will know maybe June 1st whether the site would like to move forward with publication. I have high hopes for both. EDIT: Hopes dashed. Neither story was picked up. Oh well. But at least I got someone to read them!

I think Chainsaw one of my best works to date. It’s my favorite story from 2012, anyway.

Update: Chainsaw is now available in Kindle format at!

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