This page is where you’ll find my novellas, novelettes, and short stories. Originally, my works tended to be novel-length manuscripts. I couldn’t seem to think small enough for shorter works. Then something strange happened- I began writing shorter works! The first was A Dizzying Dislocation, which I hand-wrote when I was working at Fairview University Medical Center in downtown Minneapolis, sometime in 2005. It just came to me, and the draft I hand wrote all those years ago remains essentially unchanged. It was a very interesting experience. I really liked the way the story came out, and it revealed I could sit down and write such shorter work if I put my mind to it.

So now I have a handful of smaller works I am particularly proud of. Over the coming weeks I plan to introduce them here on the site. At some point, I intend to put together short story collections, with Chainsaw and Nit as centerpieces of individual collections. (The names I’m considering are Brass Quartet I and II.) They still need work, but that won’t stop me from trying to market some of them, to see if anything sticks to the wall, so to speak.

The first story I will put in place is Chainsaw, the work I am most happy with.

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