Maurel Bright

An only child, Maurel Bright grew up under the watchful eyes of the protection drones and bodyguards of her father’s company, Bright Securities. But that didn’t stop her from becoming an out-going, adventurous, and opinionated young lady. Tutored by the best talent available to her father, Maurel enjoyed a life full of variety, from classroom education to rigorous outdoor excursions on distant worlds with her childhood friends. She also found enjoyment in her martial arts and weapons training, learning at an early age to respect the knowledge and power they provided. And ever curious about the universe around her, she and a friend plotted to slip their bodyguards on their next trip together and go exploring on their own. They enjoyed a full day of freedom at Det’s Hub before being caught. Extremely upset, Maurel’s father, Carton Bright, gave her a long speech on how dangerous the people of the Sphere could be, and vowed not to let it happen again by having a homing beacon implanted in her skull. Having seen the friendliness of the people at Det’s Hub, though, Maurel never fully took to heart her father’s warnings. She suffered the homing beacon implantation, knowing her father had one himself and that in time she would have received the implant anyway.

By the time she left for college on Scarti, the Unity Sphere’s renowned planet of education, Maurel had matured into an attractive young woman, of below-average height but with a luxurious mane of dark auburn hair and soft, healthy skin disguising a firm, muscular build. Finding her job as her father’s apprentice more attractive than the company of a mate, she maintained a certain amount of personal privacy, though she did have a modest collection of associates and friends. Prince Pruce Lenar became one of her closest friends during her college years, and they ultimately shared a few months of intimacy, but neither would allow their careers to take second seat in their lives. Upon completion of her assigned learning curriculum, Maurel bid Pruce an intimate farewell, promised to keep in touch and returned to work full-time as her father’s executive associate. Again, Maurel found the people of the Sphere friendly and pleasant company for the most part and found herself chafing at all the protection constantly hovering about.

In the months that followed, Maurel learned the ins-and-outs of her father’s growing company, now one of the largest in the Sphere. She developed a personal touch and made friends with a large number of the company employees, and over time earned their devotion and respect. She became especially close to her father’s executive secretary, an older woman named Cleo Sonyers, who Maurel came to view as more of a mother figure than a friend, a position Cleo, with three daughters of her own, was more than happy to fill.

Maurel eventually confided in Cleo her feelings that she was tired and frustrated by all the demands on her life and desperately longed for an extended break, without bodyguards or protection drones hovering about. She feared losing the best years of her life trapped in her father’s world. Cleo agreed to her help, and over the course of several months, they plotted Maurel’s escape. When the time for a trip to the South Banks finally arrived, Maurel was both excited and petrified- excited that her grand adventure alone was about to begin, petrified that her primary bodyguard, Bam, would notice, or that something else would go wrong, preventing her escape…

Terrorcruise cover art


TERRORCRUISE – a science-fiction action-adventure novel by Charles Brass
Published March, 2011 by ClearView Press, Inc.
Available in soft cover ($12.99) and Kindle ($3.99)
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