More Russia Trip material posted

So, it’s been something of a busy week. Started a new novel. In the planning stages. Going to spend most of August getting the plot and characters all drawn up, so the actual writing will hopefully go smooth. The name is Dew Drops. It’s a fantasy about a young woman banished from her home because she might be possessed by an ancient spirit. If you’re interested in being a beta reader, please leave me a comment. I would welcome everyone’s input while it’s a work in progress. Helps me see the mistakes I’ll more than likely make. And you’ll get your name on the Acknowledgements page!

I’ve also been working on my Russia Trip posts. Got two more days up and ready for viewing. One day doesn’t have any pics-boo! It was the Kremlin tour. I just… didn’t feel like taking any pictures. Can’t explain why. I got most of Day 4 done. All that’s left is a recounting of the Russian folk show I went to after dinner. Don’t have any pics of that, either, but I have my ticket. Thought I would scan that in before I post. Then there’s only two days left, and the flight home. More material to scan in for those, in addition to the pics.

You can visit the Russia Trip Home Page here. Please leave me a comment if you like what you see!

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