Monthly Archive: June 2014

Something Just Happened…

There I was, at work, writing away on my current work in progress, A Ghastly Gillion Stars. At the back of my mind, I felt something was off a little with the story, despite this being my second big draft. This new version was a bit different than the first draft. I dropped the focus to the two main characters, Kreek and Tybis. I wanted it to be more their story than anything. But in doing so, I trimmed, out of necessity, some of the initial big picture. And that had unexpected consequences, in that the main thrust of the story, the primary conflict, was lost until chapter four.

In looking at that, I realized that just couldn’t stand. I had to bring that big picture to the front. Had to introduce it right away. I’ve constructed it so billions of lives are at stake, as is the future of the entire Shiss race. And only the main character, Kreek, is fully aware of those stakes. It is her story, her conflict. Her decision to do what she thinks has to be done, even though billions of her fellow Shiss might very well die. I think I’ve built that part of the story well enough. Now, I have to make it the main focus.

So. I think my new chapter four may very well have to become the next chapter one. It introduces two of the main characters, Kreek and her friend Pench. It centers around Kreek and her illicit communications with another race, which Pench makes happen. It’s the result of that communication that starts the ball rolling. Adding Tybis into the mix after that process will have a much larger impact. Making it so that Kreek views Tybis as a tool, a thing that allows her to accomplish her goals, devastating as they may be, will only add to the central emotional wrangle. I think I’ve found the part of this story that’s been bugging me quite a bit, and after a night’s thought, I’ve also determined how best to fix it all. And I think this will work.

Now, do I put all these changes into effect immediately, or keep writing this second draft? I’m thinking change, myself. Because if what I envision right now works out, this will be a lot more fun to write. And it will make for a much stronger story. So, change it is. Meaning I’m on to what will amount to be the third big revision. I’ll keep you posted.

Busy Night at Work

Well, it’s quiet now. Just after 3:00am on this fine Monday morning. I started work at 6:30pm Sunday afternoon. And I’ve been busy that whole time, pretty much.

Just finished my last ER patient. Looks like his appendix needs to come out, just like the patient before him. I think that’s about the fifth appendicitis I’ve done this weekend. They come in spurts.

Had a couple of victims from car crashes roll in. Now, we do get car crash victims from time to time, but usually not so many all at once. I did three Trauma CAP (Chest Abdomen/Pelvis) CTs in a row! Sometimes the requesting doctors in the ER ask for spine recons, which takes a bit of extra work. Only the middle crash CT got that special treatment tonight. And that patient was sent to a bigger trauma hospital in Minneapolis right away, if that’s any indication of the seriousness of those injuries. The other two didn’t look to have much wrong with them. Still got the crash to deal with, though. Insurance companies. Lawyers. Police. Ugh. (I don’t think they hit each other, just two car crash victims that happened to come in at around the same time.)

Had a few in-patients, too, for both CTs and MRIs. Last Sunday, the first of June, I did three in-patients during my twelve-hour overnight shift at the hospital. Three! That’s one more in-patient than I did all of May! And this weekend’s in-patient tally just added to that. Might be a record month. Good thing I got that Russian vacation lined up for mid-July.

I don’t mind the work. My worst day in CT or MRI is better than my best day in radiology doing plain x-rays. And I have so many days where I don’t even do a single patient, that busy nights like I just take in stride. In the end it’ll all balance out.

In a few hours, I’ll get to go home and begin my weekly three-day weekend. That’s right- I get three days off each and every week (unless it’s a holiday and I have to work or something, like Christmas and New Year’s this year). So is the hassle of a stupid busy day like this one worth it? I say, Hell’s to the yeah!

Earth Cell’s tour enters its final days

Earth Cell cover artIt’s June 6th now, and Earth Cell: The Ux-Blood Trilogy, Book I has been on its book blog tour for nearly a month now. I’ve seen a small uptick in sales, and a few sales of the other two books in the trilogy. Oddly, no one’s picked up a copy of A Child of Byne. Puzzling, but there it is. I think that one has the most dramatic cover. I wonder if I need to put it back on Kindle Select for it to be seen as available. Maybe make it an Amazon exclusive.

As for the tour, the events are as follows:

A pretty fun character interview at The Book Daily. Another one, of a different character, at Cassidy Crimson’s Blog. Won’t tell you which characters get interviewed. And both interviews reveal a little bit of backstory for each character. They’re not long. you may want to check them out!

Some book excerpts at Hollow Readers, 365 Days of Reading, The Book Gazette, and The Reading Guru. I tried to pick some interesting moments in Earth Cell. One of them has a stupid typo, dammit.

I got a book review from Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock, an author interview at Books A to Z, and I dropped in a guest post at Endazzled Reading (there’s also an excerpt here, too). It’s about typos, oddly enough…

And that’s it so far.

On the schedule, there’s two more book excerpts, two more book reviews, and one final author interview. I will drop in those links as they become available. I also plan to make a page for this book blog tour, with all the links, for your convenience. (And mine, truth be told.)

One thing I’ve learned is future tours will focus more on book reviews and interviews. I’m not a fan of the excerpt. I’d prefer to be able to talk about my book through an interview, or have someone else talk about it through a review. I know reviews can be risky, but I’m confident in my writing and will to take that risk.

As usual, Earth Cell remains free in PDF format. Grab your copy here if you haven’t already!