Monthly Archive: October 2013

Witch Warden is all but done!

It’s been a productive weekend!

I gave the manuscript a solid read-through. I’d put it aside for a few days to gain some distance. At the end of that first proofing, I formatted the manuscript into the 6×9 inch page format for the finished product. It came out to about 225 pages total. Well, I thought, not bad. But then I realized the second book in the trilogy, Witchblood, was a good 330 pages or so, and only a few thousand words longer. Something didn’t add up! So I checked the formatting for the manuscript and discovered I’d stayed with the 8.5×11 page size. D’oh! Reformatted to the correct dimensions for publication, Witch Warden came out to 318 pages. Now that’s more like it! It’ll be a hefty-sized softcover.

I also spent a lot of time on the back cover. I did have ambitions to add smoke and fire as Copperfox’s command ship blasted the back door. But I couldn’t quite get that to work in Maya. I’d get close, but then something would always mess up. Ugh! Frustrating. So in the end I decided to just play with the sky a little. Found a nice one in Bryce and rendered it out. Looks pretty furious. I kind of like the mood it sets. So I went with it. After tweaking the back copy, I went ahead and dropped everything into Photoshop.

So, here are the covers! I think these are pretty much how they’re going to look when the book finally hits the shelves.

Witch Warden front cover art Witch Warden back cover art

Slow Going…

Still working on the back cover to Witch Warden: The Ux-Blood Trilogy, Book III. Made some progress. Should have been done by now, I think. But I did spend three days going over the edits to the manuscript. I got them back from Erin Wilcox, my editor. Just using her for copyediting at this point. Anyway, I went through the manuscript, made the edits she suggested, changed some parts of the story to handle some conflicts and bad plotting. So the manuscript is mostly done. Just that darn back cover…

In my mind I see Copperfox’s command ship hovering over Maels’s house, blasting down. A house, trees, smoke, fire, the whole she-bang. A lot of work. For detail that probably won’t be seen. Trying to work between Bryce and Maya is a lot more difficult than I had thought. But slowly I am figuring answers to my problems. I will get it done. Just worried about the cost in time.

I like the front cover. I think it’s done. I’m posting my works in progress. If you have the time, I would really welcome your feedback. All the blog posts and nary a comment…

Witch Warden front cover art Witch Warden back cover art