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Post-Vacation Post!


Well, had forty hours off this past week. For me, that means no work Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. I work two eight-hour shifts, then two twelve-hour weekend shifts. All of these are overnight as well. In return, I get Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off every week! I think it’s more than a fair trade.

Would have been nice except winter decided to stick around. Should have been temperatures in the fifties, some rain, a good healthy burst from the plants-I call it the green switch get flicked on. Instead, snow, cold, and more snow. My front porch saw a good foot at least with the way the wind swirled it all into my little nook. The side patio had even more dumped all over. Ridiculous! Things didn’t start warming up until yesterday-Thursday, my first day back to work. This weekend temps are supposed to jack into the seventies before chilling back down the first week of May. Thunderstorms are expected Tuesday. Now, I can deal with thunderstorms, even on my day off. That’s good writing weather (well, except until the power goes out. Then it’s good sleeping weather!).  Just… no more snow, please. Until November at the earliest, hmm?

Got more written on Witch Warden. Worked on the back copy and back cover for A Child of Byne. I know what I want for the back, but it’s surprising me how hard it’s turning out to be. But now that I’ve a couple of failures under my belt, I think I’ll get it right soon enough. (I actually enjoy the process. Even getting it wrong helps me develop my rusty skills in that regard.) I still plan on having the story out in softcover and at least Kindle format by the end of May.

Nit came through in publication. Get your copy today! You can find it in Kindle format, or for the Nook, or practically any other e-reader format. If you need an e-reader app, go here. They’re free for your PC, Mac, or other device.

I broke (shattered, really) the top of my smoothtop electric range. Don’t drop a cast iron skillet onto them ranges, by the way. It’ll get messy. A new range is en route, with delivery slated for Thursday. Not my day off, but as I mentioned earlier, I work overnights, so I do have the day to be there for the swap. Looks like I’ll be micrwaving and eating out a bit over the next few days. Oh well.

Most of the snow is gone. All of it should be melted away by Sunday. Pepper is finally enjoying more time outside than in. She brought home something odd the other day. A chunk of squirrel-type hair, matted together. Nothing else- no skin, no blood. A most unusual thing. I took it from her and threw it in the outside garbage bins. If it had been on an animal, I might have let her fling it around. But the way it looked, I just didn’t like the look of it. I hope she doesn’t bring more of the home. But knowing her…

Anyway, just thought I would post tonight. I plan to post again Tuesday. One thing my little vacation taught me was that I am totally no good with extended days off. I don’t think I went to bed or woke up the same times two days in a row. Working overnights has thrown my sleep schedule out of whack when I’m not working. I can deal with it for my three days off. I just sleep until past noon mostly, and things work out. It’s when I don’t go to work to at least establish a four-day cycle that throws me off. I don’t have to worry about this again until my three-week vacation at the end of June. My trip to West Virginia and then Maine should help me get into a routine. But sheesh! What a strange problem to have.

A Child of Byne front cover

A Child of Byne coverHello!

Spent a couple of hours putting together the front cover for my forthcoming novella, A Child of Byne. It’s from my Ux-Blood world, but not one of the books in the trilogy. Just a long stand-alone story of Maels Raptori. I didn’t intend to write it, it just sort of came out when I was in between novels. If I stay on track, it should be published and available for sale some time in May!

In any case, here’s the front cover!

NIT available for sale

Hello! As I mentioned last post, my short story Nit is available for sale! Yes, that’s right!

It was put into ebook format by TWBPress and made available early this morning. The Barnes & Noble version is the only format still waiting for approval (apparently they’re changing things so it’s a little slow at the moment). You can find Nit at TWB Press in a variety of ebook formats, and also download e-reader apps for your PC, Mac, or other device. It’s also available in Kindle format.

So pick up your copy today and enjoy! This is one story I’m particularly pleased with how this one came out!

Wow! Things are cooking!

So, well, technically this is a Wednesday post since it’s about ten minutes after midnight. But let me tell you what I just got done doing! I am so proud of myself!

I figured out how to tie my blog posts to my Author page at!

Oh, this so vexed me earlier today! I tried researching the google for answers. I downloaded my WordPress site to rummage though the files in Dreamweaver (a disaster, I think). I even reloaded WAMP server on my computer because things just weren’t working! (In some regards they still aren’t but that’s for another day.) In the end, about fifteen minutes ago, I tried to add my blog to Google Reader. And… it worked! Wow! So, I looked at the URL Reader gave when I clicked on the feed. And lo! Amidst a lot of technical gobbledygook was the feed URL for my blog! Took some parsing after that to figure out what %3D and %3F meant, but I did it! I tried a few variations of the Google Reader URL and boom! Blog action at my page!

Now, it will take a day for things to kick in at But for those interested, this is the link: Charles Brass at

I am so stoked! I actually got it working! You’ll have to forgive this late post. I was a little busy… succeeding!

Oh, and Nit is available for sale! You can buy it a variety of e-formats. Links to download e-reader apps for your computer, Mac, and devices are also available. But if you wait a day or two, it will also be available in Kindle format on and at Barnes and Noble for their Nook e-reader. The link for Barnes & Noble is coming!

But did you hear that? I sold a short story! I am so tickled!

An April Tuesday…

It’s been cold and raining all day just about. Sleet, even! At least it’s not snow. Good sleeping weather, and I have done so. I’ll be up late tonight, maybe until three in the morning. One of the many benefits of working nights.

Got things to do to stay busy. Work on a friend’s website, proofing on A Child of Byne, more writing for Witch Warden. I may focus on Child and just get that project done did up. Got the template and the ISBNs from my publisher. I have all the parts in place, just need to slap things together and I’ll have a finished project.

I’m still amazed at how Child has come out. It’s longer than I anticipated- it’s into full-scale novel range where the word count is concerned. I want to keep thinking of it as a novella, as I don’t want people confusing it with the final book of the Ux-Blood trilogy. I’ll be happy to have it as part of my finished works. It’s just a story I never really intended to write. You know, sit-down-and-crank-out-the-words write. While it’s cut into my writing on Witch Warden, it’s still a nice thing to have happened. I’ve started playing with the cover design. If it comes out as I see it, should be a nice one. The elements will be in keeping with the other Ux-Blood books. I hope to have things off to the publisher well before month’s end, and an author’proof in hand for proofing and fixing by early May.

Once Child is out of the way, I can focus on Witch Warden. I meant to have a first draft of chapter two by last weekend. But I misplaced my jumpdrive in my big book bag- it slid into a fold at the bottom of a big pocket. So Saturday’s writing was lost. Then Sunday was pretty busy. I did read through a good chunk of chapter two and did some heavy editing. I think when this draft is finally done, it should be really tight where the writing is concerned. Hopefully revisions down the road will be extremely easy. But I’m just a couple thousand words from being done and on to chapter three. It’s just proving one darn struggle to get the words out. I may have to wait until I’m back at work on Thursday, when I can sit and focus without distraction for the most part. I do some of my best writing at work. One of the many huge benefits of working nights.

Anyway, as the rain patters down, it’s time to get focused and get stuff done!

Work continues on Witch Warden

Well, it’s Friday right now. I’m about to take my shower before heading off to work. Did a good three thousand words last night on my current work in progress, Witch Warden: The Ux-Blood Trilogy, Book III. Straightened out some small issues from the previous night’s work, then pushed on with new material. I have a general idea of where I want to go as I get into the chapter’s end. Just a matter now of throwing words out, then fixing them to mean what I want to say. (Of course, later my editor, Erin Wilcox, will suggest the words I actually meant to use so that I say what I actually meant to say. She’s tricky good that way.)

I should finish off chapter two this weekend, if not tonight. Then things get interesting. I know how I want the story to end. I know the things I want to include in the middle, to deepen the threat and develop Maels and his relationships with everyone involved. In my previous two books, chapter three has been where I introduce the main protagonist. It will be the same here- at some point Maels will run face-to-face with Copperfox, the female Kerrid trying to put the final pieces of the Raptori Wipe back together. Their conflict will center on Meneu’s activities, as she’s been assembling as detailed a history of the plague as she can, as a gift to her lifemate, Maels. Plus, she has the lattice she and Maels took from Cave Three in the first chapter, and Copperfox kinda wants that back. So, lots of material to put into place. Still not sure of the order of it all, but I think I’m taking it at just the right pace.

But, first order of business is to get out those final four or five thousand words of chapter two. Get this first draft down, then see where some fiddling is necessary. Some days the writing can be a chore. Tonight, I think I’ll blow through my goal of three thousand words in no time. It’s fun to destroy an overworld!

Success! NIT is accepted for publication!

I am very pleased to announce my 9700 word short story Nit has been accepted for publication by TWB Press. It will be published in a variety of ebook formats and sold at

The process has just begun. I still need to print and sign the contract, then scan it in and send it back. (Along the way I get to remind myself how to create a multipage PDF in CS5.) Then some other things, like a photo and author bio. But for the most part, it looks like this is a done deal! Nit will be available for sale!

This is a first for me. I don’t know how long things will take. I don’t know how the final product will look. I do know a rough calculation says I should get about a dollar every time a copy of Nit sells. I like the idea. The work of writing is done. Now I just got to market it, like I got to market everything else. If I get successful at that (a big if, considering) then who knows? I can start drilling down some bills! Yay!

Anyway, just felt I had to post. And it’s a fine post to start off the new month, I think! I sold a story! I fell so… legit!