Monthly Archive: January 2013

Well, I’m going to give this more effort…

Witchblood cover artSo, it’s already the last Friday of January. I meant to have this site up and running a lot sooner- like, last year sometime. But, well, I kind of got distracted. Been writing and all that. Since I started tinkering here, I’ve finished a short story/novelette titled Nit. Right now, it’s a novelette. I hope to trim it to short story proportions, which usually run less than 10,000 words. (Even then, I think it’ll be a hard sell. But I’m not going to trim too much. The story has a voice I think I want to keep.) I’ve also finished a 70,000 novella titled A Child of Byne. The main character of this story is Maels Raptori, the star of my Ux-Blood Trilogy. It wasn’t meant to be so long. In the revision, I hope to trim it significantly. It’s also just an in-between story, to lead from Witchblood to the soon-to-be-written third novel, Witch Warden.

Anyway, I’m feeling the weight of needing a web site. I want a blog site as well, to invite commentary. Eventually I hope to have pages for all of my works, to explain things and add details and post… just stuff. I also want to post about my other hoped-for business, Medimations, LLC. That site will offer patient education animations. I have the first four planned, and from them I hope to springboard onto the next four, and so on. But that’s for ‘down the road’, whenever that gets here.

So I think I will be here a bit more often, trying to figure out how this all works. Now that I’ve updated everything, the next step will be to learn how to incorporate this into Dreamweaver and get it looking the way I want. I was following a series of tutorials on (I had a free month after buying something- I forget what, really, though I think it might have been a new Wacom large Intuos 4.) I bought an annual subscription to, for keeping up-to-date on Maya. I may pay for an annual subscription to as well. Between the two sites, I should be able to keep my rapidly diminishing skills in shape somewhat. Use it or lose it and all that. At the least, I should fully learn how to integrate WordPress with Dreamweaver. I mostly already know how, but I’d feel better having the tutorials close by, if you know what I mean.

Once I get this place looking snazzy, I’ll move on to my Facebook presence. Already have a page there, with a nifty graphic I threw together in Maya. I hope to get the two looking about the same, for consistency. Shouldn’t be hard, but as usual it portends to be a lot of work. Creative work, which I enjoy, but work nonetheless. Then there’s a Twitter thing I suppose I should do, too…

Well, I’ve updated the site. WordPress and all the plug-ins and themes. Now comes the real work. I plan to add posts, update works in progress, and make pages as the days and weeks go by. I don’t expect a following of any sorts. Just knowing I’m ‘out there’ will be good enough for me for now.

Now it’s bedtime.